Each IC Domain Configuration category has an associated creation wizard to simplify how to specify its configuration objects. You, as an administrator, launch an IC Domain Configuration wizard in one of three ways:

  • By clicking one of the four wizard toolbar buttons that are identified in GUID-0161E471-B3B6-4B1E-A64D-3F8B1172B6D7.html#GUID-0161E471-B3B6-4B1E-A64D-3F8B1172B6D7___MPLS_CONFIG_SAM_96588

  • By right-clicking an IC Domain Configuration category name (for example, right-clicking Domain Groups) and then clicking the pop-up menu

  • By selecting New Domain, New Domain Group, New Domain Type, or New Domain Tag from the Edit menu

    When you create a domain group, the created domain group and its component server domains are enabled automatically. Similarly, when you create a domain, the created domain is enabled automatically.