MPLS Manager performs a refresh and a remote ping event (Down, Impaired) calculation in accordance to the following user-defined interval:

Interval = RefreshFactor*PollingInterval

The RefreshFactor parameter, described in GUID-4A770D98-2F1B-4951-846E-392B18377512.html#GUID-4A770D98-2F1B-4951-846E-392B18377512___MPLS_CONFIG_MPLS_97913, has a default value of 3. Thus, by default, the refresh/calculation interval is 720 seconds (3 x 240 seconds).

When MPLS Manager refreshes the remote ping entry on the source device, it destroys the existing remote ping entry in the device’s PING MIB table and creates a new one. It also sets the TimeRefreshed attribute of the associated RemotePing object to the current time.

The remote ping entries on the source devices are destroyed when the associated RemotePing objects are deleted in MPLS Manager. In addition, users can destroy remote ping entries on the source devices by disabling the RemotePing objects in MPLS Manager before shutting down MPLS Manager.