The vpn-tagging.conf file contains configuration parameters that you edit to customize discovery for the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server. The parameters are a subset of attributes that are defined for the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server (“VPNTagging-Manager” object) in the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server environment.

The MPLS VPN-Tagging Server performs overlapping-IP and corresponding network-connection discovery in two vendor-specific environments: Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent. The MPLS VPN-Tagging Server can perform discovery in both environments at the same time.

Parameters in the vpn-tagging.conf file describes the parameters in the vpn-tagging.conf file. The parameters and their values are case-sensitive.

Table 1. Parameters in the vpn-tagging.conf file




1  To enable this parameter, add the following parameter and value to this file: Enable5620SAMDiscovery = TRUE

General options


(Cisco only)

Regular expression

Default: “*”

Limits MPLS VPN-Tagging Server discovery to specific Cisco devices.

You can use the wildcards described in Appendix A, “Wildcard Patterns,” to specify matching patterns for the DiscoveryFilter parameter. For example:

DiscoveryFilter = "*-pe-*.net|128.12*.*.*|apic*"

DiscoveryFilter is an inclusive-type filter. Any device that has a name that matches the filter is included in the discovery. Any device that has a name that does not match the filter is excluded from the discovery.

AlcatelDiscoveryInterval 1


Default: 7200 seconds

The interval that is used by the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server to perform full discovery of the Alcatel-Lucent devices. The devices are identified in the Global_TopologyCollection objects that are imported from IP Availability Manager.

Instances of AM Server

InChargeDomain::   InChargeDomain_INCHARGE-AM {

Type = "AM"

DomainName = "INCHARGE-AM"

DisplayName = "INCHARGE-AM"


As shown

The default IP Availability Manager from which the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server in this MPLS Manager deployment is to import topology.

“Configuring the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server” on page 51 clarifies the use of this object and its attributes.

As indicated in the footnote of the table, you must add the following parameter and value to the vpn-tagging.conf file to enable the Alcatel-Lucent device discovery:

Enable5620SAMDiscovery = TRUE

By default, the discovery is disabled.