Each newly invoked on-demand remote ping or newly deployed periodic remote ping instance inherits the global values that are specified in the REMOTEPING.conf file. The global parameters and their values are described in GUID-621C5DA4-69D4-4CDD-B7B3-9838DF6DC3B1.html#GUID-621C5DA4-69D4-4CDD-B7B3-9838DF6DC3B1___MPLS_CONFIG_MPLS_97913.

The WriteCommunity value that is defined in the REMOTEPING.conf file is included in a remote ping request only if MPLS Manager cannot find a match for the target device in a System Write Community Strings group. “System Write Community Strings remote ping group” on page 150 provides information about modifying or creating a System Write Community Strings group. “Configuring a Community String for Juniper Ping MIB Access” on page 177 provides information about configuring a community string for Juniper Ping MIB access.

As explained in GUID-621C5DA4-69D4-4CDD-B7B3-9838DF6DC3B1.html#GUID-621C5DA4-69D4-4CDD-B7B3-9838DF6DC3B1___MPLS_CONFIG_MPLS_71308, there are two REMOTEPING.conf files:

  • One in the mpls-t directory—intended for the MPLS Topology Server

  • One in the mpls-m directory—intended for the MPLS Monitoring Server

    The REMOTEPING.conf file in the mpls-t directory contains eight parameters, one of which is NumberOfThreads. The REMOTEPING.conf file in the mpls-m directory contains just the NumberOfThreads parameter. You can modify the parameters in both files.

    When running, the remote ping manager in the MPLS Monitoring Server will obtain all of its attribute values except NumberOfThreads from the remote ping manager in the MPLS Topology Server. It will obtain its NumberOfThreads value from the REMOTEPING.conf file in the mpls-m directory.

    To change the remote ping global values for the MPLS Topology Server:

    1. Go to the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory in the MPLS Management Suite installation area and type the following command to open the REMOTEPING.conf file:

                           sm_edit conf/mpls-t/REMOTEPING.conf
    2. Consult GUID-621C5DA4-69D4-4CDD-B7B3-9838DF6DC3B1.html#GUID-621C5DA4-69D4-4CDD-B7B3-9838DF6DC3B1___MPLS_CONFIG_MPLS_97913 and make your changes to the global parameters.

    3. Save and close the file.

      The modified version of the REMOTEPING.conf file is saved to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/mpls-t directory.

    4. If the MPLS Topology Server was running before you edited the mpls.conf file, restart the MPLS Topology Server.