To change LSP ping global values in the pinglsp-ondemand.asl file:

  1. Go to the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory in the Global Manager installation area and type the following command to open the pinglsp-ondemand.asl file:

                   sm_edit rules/ics/pinglsp-ondemand.asl
  2. Make your changes to the global values that are defined for the parameters in GUID-A49FA238-B6F6-49C8-9B26-B12F55B55439.html#GUID-A49FA238-B6F6-49C8-9B26-B12F55B55439___MPLS_CONFIG_SAM_46021. Here is an example of a global-value parameter definition:

    default RepeatCount = "5";
  3. Save the pinglsp-ondemand.asl file.

    The modified version of the file is saved to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/rules/ics directory.

  4. If the Global Manager was running before you edited the pinglsp-ondemand.asl file, restart the Global Manager.

    Upon saving your edits, any LSP ping command request that is created for a newly invoked “LSP Ping” or “LSP Ping All” server tool invocation will inherit your changed global values.