The ForwarderEndpoint External Setting serves two purposes:

  • Provides a means of testing the Forwarder endpoint instrumentation and analysis functionality of MPLS Manager.

  • Provides a means for MPLS Manager to import Forwarder endpoint status updates from an VMware Smart Assurance adapter, such as the VMware Smart Assurance Adapter for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM EMS.

    ForwarderEndpoint External Setting parameters and their values lists the ForwarderEndpoint External Setting parameters.

Table 1. ForwarderEndpoint External Setting parameters and their values






Default: ENABLED

Enables or disables the availability analysis of the Forwarder endpoint (ForwarderEndpoint) data collected from an external source.


30 to 3600 seconds

Default: 240 seconds

Sets the time between successive polls.


0 to 10 retries

Default: 3

Sets the number of retry polls to perform when the initial poll fails.


10 to 10000 milliseconds

Default: 700 milliseconds

Sets the amount of time to wait for the poll response before the first poll request times out. The timeout value doubles for each successive retry.

For Timeout=700 msec (0.7 sec) and Retries=3:

  • 0.7 seconds for first retry

  • 1.4 seconds for second retry

  • 2.8 seconds for third retry