The CLI show commands for Huawei devices are listed and described in CLI commands for discovery on Huawei devices.

Table 1. CLI commands for discovery on Huawei devices




CLI commands for general session operation


Change to system view from current user view.

display users

View the login information of the users on each user interface.

user-interface vty <number>

Enter single-user interface view or multi-user interface view. Enter the view of the VTY user interface by entering the view of the user interfaces VTY 0 through VTY 3.

screen-length 0

Set the number of displayed lines. Setting the screen length to zero disables multiple-screen output.

CLI commands for MPLS discovery

display mpls interface

View all MPLS-enabled interfaces.

display mpls lsp verbose

View LSP information. By default, the display mpls lsp command displays all LSP information. By adding verbose, you display detailed information.

CLI commands for L2VPN discovery

display mpls l2vc

Display information about Martini VCs configured on the device. If you specify an interface, the command displays information about Martini VCs configured on the CE interface.

CLI commands for L3VPN discovery

display ip vpn-instance verbose

View the VPN instance configuration on PEs.

display bgp vpnv4 all routing-table     label

Display information about labeled routes in the BGP routing table.