The CLI show commands for Juniper M/T devices are listed and described in CLI commands for discovery on Juniper M/T devices.

Table 1. CLI commands for discovery on Juniper M/T devices




CLI commands for MPLS discovery

show mpls lsp detail ingress

Shows the configured and active dynamic LSPs that originate from the device.

show mpls interfaces

Shows the MPLS interfaces, their state, and administrative groups.

show mpls lsp transit up | match Up

For transit LSPs, shows the incoming and outgoing labels and LSPID.

show mpls lsp ingress detail up |     match “.”

For ingress LSPs, shows the LSPID, the LSP name, and the full LSP path.

show rsvp session ingress

For RSVP-based ingress LSPs, shows the outgoing label, the LSPID, and the LSP name.

show rsvp neighbor detail | match via

For each RSVP neighbor, shows the interface that talks to that neighbor and the IP of the facing interface on that neighbor.

show route forwarding-table family     mpls

Shows the MPLS forwarding table, including the incoming and outgoing labels and the outgoing interface. Also identifies load balancing LSPs.

show ldp neighbor

Shows peer LDP speakers, their IP address, and the interface used to exchange labels with them.

show ldp database | match "--|/32"

Shows the LDP database—only /32 routes (and headers).

show ldp route | match /32

Shows the LDP routes—only /32 routes (and headers).

show ldp session detail

Shows LDP session information.

Used to discovernon-targeted LDP adjacencies.

CLI commands for L2VPN discovery

show ldp session detail

Shows LDP session information.

Used to discovertargeted LDP adjacencies.

show vpls connections extensive

Shows VPLS connection information.

Used to discover VPLS instances, and to discover and map VLANs to discovered VPLS instances.


A BGP-signaled VPLS is also SNMP-discovered; CLI-discovered values do not overwrite SNMP-discovered values.

show interfaces

Shows status information about the management Ethernet and internal Ethernet interfaces.

CLI commands for L3VPN discovery

show route table <vrf name>.inet.0 |     match bgp

Shows the BGP entries in the routing table of each VRF.

show routeinstance detail | match “^[^ _]*:$|Router|Type:|- target|Interfaces:|.*/.*/”

show mvpn instance

Used to identify both the multicast group and its relation with the P-tunnel (P2MP LSP).

CLI commands for BGP route reflector discovery (JunOS)

show bgp neighbors | match “^Peer:|Type:”