The layout of an MPLS map depends on the object that you select to launch the map. The launching object for the map, called the focal object, is surrounded by a box unless the focal object is an LSP or PseudoWire object. Any node that is marked with a plus sign indicates that the node can be expanded.

By default, expanding a node adds all nodes that are one hop away from the node. For example, expanding a PE device node shows the LSP objects and P device objects that are associated with the PE device node.

You can use any of the following methods to expand a node that is marked with a plus sign:

  • Select the node and then select Expand Map Element from the Map Console Map menu.

  • Right-click the node and then select Expand Map Element.

  • Select the node and click the Show neighboring nodes button.

    Double-clicking a node launches either a Notification Properties dialog box or a Topology Browser view for the object, depending on whether any notifications are associated with the object.