The Global Manager imports instances of the following object types from MPLS Manager:

  • Physical-transport objects

    • Router

    • Switch

    • NetworkConnection

    • Cable

    • TrunkCable

    • IPNetwork

  • MPLS objects

    • MPLSService

    • LSP

    • LSPHop

  • Layer 2 VPN objects

    • VPN

    • VRF

    • Forwarder

    • PseudoWire

    • VLAN

  • Layer 3 VPN objects

    • VPN

    • MulticastVPN

    • MulticastGroup

    • VRF

  • BGP objects (optional)

    • BGPService

    • BGPProtocolEndpoint

    • BGPSession

      The physical-transport objects are imported by the Global Manager just in case IP Availability Manager is not available.

      Chapter 3, “MPLS, VPN, and BGP Objects and their Failures,” provides descriptions of the MPLS, VPN, and BGP objects. The VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Reference Guide provides a description of the physical-transport objects.

      The Global Manager combines this topology with the underlying physical-transport topology that is imported from IP Availability Manager.