You can start VMware Smart Assurance programs from the terminal when the program is not intended to be long-running or to perform testing. VMware, Inc. does not recommend using this method in a production environment.

The VMware Smart Assurance System Administration Guide provides a complete description of the command syntax.

To start a program, type the command with the appropriate options on one line. GUID-0ECC3909-CFC4-46B5-8A81-407994238117.html#GUID-0ECC3909-CFC4-46B5-8A81-407994238117___ITOI_81_INSTALLVERIFY_14073 provides the values for <server_name> and <config_directory> .

  • For UNIX, invoke the command from the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory. Prepend the command with ./ (a period followed by a forward slash).