The sm_getinfo utility, which is supported on Solaris and Linux creates three types of files in the installation directory area from which it is invoked. The files are shown in sm_getinfo file tree and described in Files created by the sm_getinfo utility.

Figure 1. sm_getinfo file tree
Table 1. Files created by the sm_getinfo utility



Files in BASEDIR/smarts/local/logs directory



A compressed tar archive in which the sm_getinfo utility stores a server ‘s log files, repository files, core files (Linux) user-modified files (using sm_edit), user-introduced files, and system environment information. The actual content of the tar archive depends on the user-specified options on the sm_getinfo invocation command line.

The name of the tar archive includes the date when the tar archive was created.


A text file that lists all of the files that the sm_getinfo utility includes in the tar archive.
Files in BASEDIR/smarts/local/logs/smgetinfo_files directory



Example of other files in smgetinfo_files:TTP-Installed-versions.log.26Mar2012-020005

A log file in which the sm_getinfo utility writes information about a server’s log file or repository file that is larger than 700 megabytes (MB). The sm_getinfo utility does not include any log or repository file in a server’s tar archive that exceeds 700 MB.

In addition, sm_getinfo writes system information to the log file.

The name of the log file includes the date when the log file was created.