Network Protocol Manager monitors the status of the discovered session objects by polling the routing-enabled devices for interface and endpoint status information. The frequency of polling is determined by the polling and threshold settings that are configured for Network Protocol Manager, as explained in the VMware Smart Assurance Network Protocol Manager Configuration Guide.

The session objects are listed in Session objects and their associated interface and endpoints objects.

Table 1. Session objects and their associated interface and endpoints objects

Session object

Associated interface objects (2)

Associated endpoint objects (2)

1  Actual object that is monitored. A monitored object is assigned a set of instrumentation objects.

Network Protocol Manager for BGP



BGPProtocolEndpoint 1

Network Protocol Manager for EIGRP



EIGRPProtocolEndpoint 1

Network Protocol Manager for IS-IS


ISISInterface 1


Network Protocol Manager for OSPF


OSPFInterface 1



OSPFVirtualInterface 1


By default, all discovered session objects are managed. A managed session object is one whose IsManaged attribute has a value of TRUE. IsManaged is a Boolean attribute: TRUE when an object is managed, and FALSE when an object is unmanaged.

Network Protocol Manager monitors managed session objects but not unmanaged session objects. It uses SNMP or CLI to monitor the interface or endpoint objects that are associated with a session object, for the purpose of determining the status and connectivity of the session object.