Because the enterprise EIGRP MIB is typically not used by Cisco devices, Network Protocol Manager for EIGRP uses CLI discovery and CLI polling to discover and monitor EIGRP topology. The CLI commands that are invoked for EIGRP discovery are identified in this section, and the CLI commands that are invoked for EIGRP polling are identified in the VMware Smart Assurance Network Protocol Manager Configuration Guide.


EIGRP discovery is not supported in IPv6 network.

Network Protocol Manager for EIGRP establishes Telnet, SSH1, or SSH2 sessions to the Cisco devices and invokes specific CLI "show" commands to discover the following routing topology objects and their relationships:

  • EIGRP domains

  • EIGRP services

  • EIGRP networks

  • EIGRP protocol endpoints

  • EIGRP sessions

    The CLI show commands that are invoked for EIGRP discovery are listed in EIGRP discovery CLI commands.

Table 1. EIGRP discovery CLI commands



terminal length 0

Prevents the Cisco device from pausing between multiple screens of output.


During the session, the Cisco device uses the terminal length value to determine when to pause during multiple-screen output. A value of 0 prevents the device from pausing between screens of output.

show ip eigrp neighbors

Displays the IP address of the EIGRP neighbor (remote) and the local interface through which the neighbor can be reached.

show ip protocols

Displays the IP routing-protocol process parameters and statistics.