Network Protocol Manager for EIGRP builds a data model of the discovered EIGRP topology objects in its domain. The model, shown in EIGRP data model, represents the EIGRP objects and certain network objects imported from IP Availability Manager, their relationships, and their connections.

The EIGRP objects are represented as instances of the following VMware Smart Assurance ICIM classes:

  • EIGRPDomain

  • EIGRPService

  • EIGRPNetwork

  • EIGRPProtocolEndpoint

  • EIGRPSession

    The VMware Smart Assurance Network Protocol Manager Discovery Guide Supplement provides more information about the EIGRP data model. The VMware Smart Assurance Common Information Model (ICIM) 1.11 Reference for Non-Service Assurance Manager Products provides descriptions of ICIM classes, relationships, and connections.

    Figure 1. EIGRP data model