In the next generation networks and network elements, multiplexing and demultiplexing functionality are provided by the same circuit pack. Optical Transport Manager provides support for such networks and network elements having multiplexers and demultiplexers within the same circuit pack.

Figure 1. WDM NE with Separate Mux/Demux card

A number of wavelengths are combined into a single fiber using a Multiplexer. Similarly, incoming signal is received through the receiving amplifier which feeds the signal into the Demultiplexer. The Demultiplexer extracts the OCH signal and hands over to the Transponders. The Transponders in turn convert the signal into Optical Carrier Network (OCN) signals and handle it further to the client.

Figure 2. WDM NE with Combo Mux/Demux Card

The classes in the object model for WDM in Optical Transport Manager represent cards performing the functions described above, the ports on those cards, and the physical and logical connections between cards within and between devices.