The TopologicalLink class represents bidirectional connections carried across devices in the WDM network that appear in the transported protocol to be carried by a single fiber. When cross-domain correlation is performed between SONET/SDH and WDM, these objects are imported from the Optical Transport Managerfor SONET/SDH to the Optical Transport Managerfor WDM. “Cross-domain correlation” on page 88provides more information.

TopologicalLink and PTP classesshows the classes and relationships used for the TopologicalLink class and for the PTP objects that represent the ports at each end of the link.

Figure 1. TopologicalLink and PTP classes

The input and output ports that make up PTPs are on devices that are not managed by the Optical Transport Managerfor WDM. Their presence is inferred, and their names are calculated values that are not related to the names that these ports may have in the EMS for a SONET/SDH network whose links are carried over WDM. The objects corresponding to these ports are used during cross-domain correlation only.

Physical relationships for a Topological link and PTPsshows the physical relationships for a topological link and the associated PTPs.

Figure 2. Physical relationships for a Topological link and PTPs