The topology adapter allows for both full and incremental topology processing. The topology data file processed by the adapter must either be:

  • A full topology data file, where the Record Type field is not included. In this case, the extra separator character must not be included.

    All existing topology in XD Manager OTM-to-IP AM is assumed to be outdated. It will be replaced by the set of entries in the current data file. Any entry in the old topology not specified in the current data file will be deleted.

  • An incremental topology data file, where all of the records have a Record Type field specifying either "ADD" or "DELETE".

    Only the connections specifically listed in topology file updated. For any given connection the file can contain, either one ADD, one DELETE, or a DELETE and an ADD record. There should never be multiple ADDs or DELETEs in a single data file related to the same connection. To modify a record there must be a DELETE record to delete the existing record, then an ADD record to add the modified version of the record.