The XD Manager OTM to IP requires information on the connections between IP and OTM components. This information must be provided in a topology file. The topology file format is described in “XD Topology data format” on page 13.

The XD Topology Adapter is installed along with XD Manager OTM to IP

The topology file can be created from an external source such as the customer’s proprietary inventory database and provisioning system.

The XD Topology Adapter processes this information and outputs the processed information to data tables within XD Manager OTM-to-IP AM. XD Manager OTM-to-IP AM reads the table data and interacts with IP and OTM to import the connections between IP devices that have related underlying SDH, PDH and WDM circuits.

Once the topology is created, XD Manager OTM-to-IP AM monitors attributes/events in the Optical Transport Manager and IP Manager topologies using remote instrumentation.