A template for the ASL Export script, called xml-export-sample.asl, is installed in BASEDIR/smarts/rules/xml-if. Use ASL to modify the functionality of the local copy of the script. Use the sm_edit utility to modify the ASL script so that a copy is made in the local directory and the proper permissions are associated to it. Appendix A, “Understanding the sm_edit Utility,” includes information on using the sm_edit utility.

To open a file called xml-export-sample.asl using sm_edit:

t# BASEDIR/smarts/bin>sm_edit BASEDIR/smarts/rules/xml-if/xml-export-sample.asl s

Save this file with a new name, replacing "sample" with an appropriate grouping name (for example, "Services" for an ASL file intended to gather information on Service Subscribers and Service Offerings).