A thorough understanding of ASL is required to work in the export script. The VMware Smart Assurance ASL Reference Guide provides detailed information on working with the Adapter Scripting Language.

The first rule executed in the ASL script is the START rule. The START rule runs repeatedly until all the data input is processed. This rule invokes other rules or can specify which objects, attributes, and relationships to export.

Data input gets processed as it is matched with all the patterns of a rule. The START rule has components in which the request details are defined.

The XML headers and the ICIM root element are added automatically to the XML document by the sm_XML Adapter. The ASL script is responsible for gathering and adding the object, attribute, and relationship elements to the XML file.

Any modifications to the action blocks are made after the following comment:

"NOTE:  Customize the script from this point on"

These modifications define the specific information to retrieve from the repository.

After the ASL script is executed, the closing tag for the ICIM root element is added to the document automatically.