XML exporter command parameters describes four export-specific parameters associated with the sm_xml utility.

Table 1. XML exporter command parameters



Optional flag



Name of the Manager from which you are retrieving repository information. By default, this Manager name is INCHARGE.



Alternate location of the VMware Smart Assurance broker. Must be typed as host:port. The default is the broker specified for the Manager at installation.



export --xmlfile=<output-xmlfile> <asl-script>

Export an XML document using the XML export ASL script named <asl-script>. By default, the XML is written to standard output.

Optionally, the XML can be written to a file if you specify: --xmlfile=<output-xmlfile>.

-x <output-xmlfile>

Command arguments:


Name of the resulting XML file (and qualified path to save the file). Optionally, you can choose not to define a directory and filename and the resulting XML will be displayed in standard output.



The ASL rule script used to export the VMware Smart Assurance topology. The adapter will look for the ASL script in BASEDIR/local/rules/xml-if first. If it is not found there, it will locate it in BASEDIR/rules/xml-if.


The resulting XML is passed through a validating parser. If the document is noncompliant with the ICIM/XML DTD, an error will appear and the program will exit with a nonzero exit status. When an error occurs, the XML is still written to standard output.

For example, to generate an XML file called InChargeApplications.xml containing information from a Manager called INCHARGE, with an ASL Export script called xml-export-Applications.asl, use the following command:

tsm_xml --server=<
         > export --xmlfile=InChargeApplications.xml xml-export-Applications.asls