It is unnecessary to shut down the Manager before you import the XML file. However, when importing, verify your XML is valid according to the ICIM/XML DTD. The DTD file, called icim_xml.dtd is located in BASEDIR/smarts/conf/xml-if.

A runtime error is generated if the XML importer cannot execute the instructions encoded in the XML document. By default, the importer skips any element (or child element) containing an error. It continues with the next element and generates a report of errors at the end.

To determine if the XML is valid and complies with the ICIM/XML DTD, run the following command:

tsm_xml --server=<
         > import <

If there are any errors within your XML document, they are listed so that you can address them.


If you create an object with read-only attributes (such as ICS_Notification), those attributes may cause a runtime error.