Optionally, you can add text into the XML document along with any of the declarations. After any of the builder statements defined above, you can use the addText statement. The argument may be any string that complies with the ICIM/XML DTD. Builder statements for the string describes the builder statement and arguments for this element.

Table 1. Builder statements for the string

Builder statement



Required / optional

addText( )

Adds optional text to the XML declaration.



For example, to export instances of the ServiceSubscriber class, with their display names, and additional text that says Sample Offeringto the XML document, use the following syntax:

builder->addObject(svcSub, "ServiceSubscriber");
builder->addAttribute (svcSub, "DisplayName");
builder->addText("<object class=\"ServiceOffering"\) name=\"Sample Offering"\ method=\"update"\ />;