When a notifier starts, it reads a configuration file (*.conf). Original versions of the adapter configuration files are installed to the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/notifier directory. Retain the original (unedited) version of each configuration file. If you intend to modify a configuration file, use the sm_edit utility provided with your VMware Smart Assurance software. This will ensure that you modify a copy of the file and this copy is placed in the proper local subdirectory. “Editing notification adapter files” on page 20 contains additional information on modifying files and using sm_edit. Notification adapter configuration files lists the name of each notifier’s configuration file.

Table 1. Notification adapter configuration files


Configuration filename

Email Notifier Adapter


Log File Notifier Adapter


SNMP Trap Notifier Adapter


Script Notifier Adapter


VMware Smart Assurance Adapter for TIBCO Rendezvous


The configuration files for each of these notifiers share some common parameters and subscription information. The configuration files are text files.


Whenever you modify a configuration file, you must stop and restart the notifier for the changes to take effect.