Console parameters describes the Console parameters.

Table 1. Console parameters




This property indicates the maximum amount of

time that the console will wait for the Domain

Manager pulse check (the upTime attribute) to

respond. If there is no response within the

specified time, the console disconnects from the

Domain Manager.

Default: 300 seconds (5 minutes)


This will be set to true in high latency environment.

Default: FALSE


Defines the name of the ASCII file containing the

security warning message.

Default: String


If set to true, causes the server to write messages to the

server log file.



Allows the user to define the map icon font..

Default: Helvetica


Allows the user to define the map icon font size.

Default: 12 point

If specified, the Java log contents are saved to the

specified file.

Default: No file specified


If specified, this property controls which underlying Domain Managers are accessible by using Browse Detail from the Notification Log view. A user-defined field must be configured to contain the names of the underlying Domain Managers.

Default: FALSE

If set to true, it shows all nodes and edges in a Business

Services map, including those that are not part of

paths that originate from or terminate at the map

central node. If set to false, it shows the nodes and edges in a Business Services map that either originate from or

terminate at the map central node.

Default: TRUE

If set to True, it shows map nodes with the status of

Normal with a green color bar underneath the icon. If false, shows map nodes with the status of Normal without a green color bar underneath the icon.

Default: FALSE


Enables you to specify a single background color

for all maps. This parameter overrides the default

color for all map types. Note that if the setting you

enter is invalid, the background color for all maps

will be white.

Default: 600 seconds


Defines whether the InChargeDomainConsistsOf

relationship displays in the topology view. If

configured to false, the

InChargeDomainConsistsOf relationship does not

display in the topology view reducing the

possibility of the console not responding. If

configured to true, all the information for the

ConsistsOf relationship displays in the topology


Default: FALSE


Defines whether the topology browser

performance is enhanced for displaying related

instance information. Options include:

  • Off — Default value

  • On — Speed up enhancement is activated with instance information sorted

  • Nosort — Speed up enhancement is activated with instance information not sorted

Default: OFF


Defines the method of passing parameters to client scripts. If configured to true, the console directly loads parameters passed to the client script into the environment.

If configured to false (or when a value is not specified), the console passes parameters to the client scripts as command line arguments and requires the client script to parse the parameters to load them into the environment.

Default: FALSE


Defines the time, in seconds, that the Get Map function tries to retrieve map data before the function times out. Once the Get Map function times out, the Get map timed out message appears.

Default: 120


Defines whether the console retrieves map data as a string or as formatted data. If set to true, the console retrieves map data as formatted data.

Default: FALSE


Overrides the default formatting of timestamps in

the console, for example, the First Notify, Last

Notify, and Last Change fields in the notification



Causes the console to format all times and timestamps according to the specified time zone. Examples of acceptable values are: PST for U.S. Pacific Standard Time and GMT for Greenwich Mean Time.

The default is the time zone where the console is

running. Class TimeZone at the Java website includes

additional information.


If set to true, it logs all the console operations in SAM log.

Default: FALSE


Defines the location of console logs.

Defines the default broker for domain attach dialog boxes.

Default: host:port


If set to true, security is enabled. This is the default value when the sm_gui.exe is executed. If set to false, security is disabled.


Defines the level of messages written to the console java log. Options include:




  • DEFAULT (default option)


  • INFO





If enabled then console doesnot get disconnected from SAM server after few missed keepalives


If set to true, it allows map background files to be saved in jpeg (.jpg) format.If set to false, map background files will not be saved in jpeg format.

If set to true, it disables the display of maps. If set to false, it does not diable maps.

Default: TRUE


If set to true, it hides the display text for the toolbar

buttons. If set to false, shows the text for the toolbar buttons.

Default: TRUE


It determines the number of topology instances that will be displayed on the browser.

Default: 10000


A positive integer. This is the maximum number of

members of a leaf group that will display for a

Group Membership map without a prompt dialog

box. The dialog box prompts the operator when

there is a large number of members to display.

Default: 100


Enables you to change the maximum number of

instances that will automatically display in the

Topological Filter tab.

Default: 50