The Filter Builder for notification lists opens with a blank “Sheet:1” tab. The sheet contains a Use ASL Script checkbox and a green plus sign, which is used to add notification attributes to the sheet. For notification lists, you can specify an ASL filter, an expression filter, or both. If you use a sheet to specify an ASL filter, you cannot specify an expression filter on that same sheet.

Menus for each filter criterion enable you to select a notification attribute and one of the following conditions, if applicable:

  • A match condition such as a specific value or expression. You can also specify wildcard characters in a match condition. Values are case-sensitive.


    Values entered into the notification list filter from the Global Console are not case-sensitive.

  • The is child of condition (the IsA filter option) for notification attributes that have a class name for their value. “IsA Filter option for notification lists and logs” on page 182 provides more information on this option.

    To treat a wildcard character as a text character, insert a backslash (\) before the wildcard character. For example, to filter on all event names that include a bracket, specify “*\]*”. (Do not include the quotation marks in the expression.)