ics-event-processing parameters describes the ics-event-processing parameters.

Table 1. ics-event-processing parameters



default debug

This parameter helps track the event flow. If set to true, it prints all the messages under debug flag.

Default: FALSE

default detailDebug

If set to true, it prints all the messages under detail debug flag.

Default: FALSE

default elementType

It refers to domain type of the server.


default XDImpact

Defines whether we need to refresh impacts or not.

Default: FALSE

default timeoutTopoValue

This prevents topology synchronization operations from waiting indefinitely. Depending on the value you specify for this parameter in the configuration file, if the child (underlying domain) has gone down, then the parent (domain) waits for the time interval specified here before starting off topology synchronization operations. The default value of 600 seconds can be increased on the basis of size and complexity of the topology.

Default: 600 seconds

default impactsInterval

Time interval before refreshing the impacts for a problem. After the specified time interval, a refresh will occur for any impact.

Default: 61 seconds

default problemAgingInterval

Indicates the time for which a problem persists, after which it is considered as an active proble. It is the cut-off time for a problem to update its causes and causedby relationship. Default: 900

default noImpactChange

If you set the value for this paramreter to FALSE, the system will update the notification whenever there is an impact change for the event. If set to FALSE, the notifications are not updated for any impact cange to an event.

Default: TRUE

default noRootChange

If the root of the event is changed then this flag is set to true.

Default: FALSE

default updateImpactList

If set to true, then impact list will be updated.

Default: FALSE

default broadcastEventState

This variable allows you to customize and bypass internal event storms. It displays information about domain-related events, such as system disconnects and system reconfigurations. This parameter is set using the Global Console.

Default: TRUE