You may need to modify a path to add escalation levels or edit the filter. These changes require that the path is disabled. Disabling the path immediately terminates the escalation of any scheduled notifications.

The Retire option enables you to avoid this issue and provides a smooth transition to a new path. When a path is retired, notifications that are currently being escalated through the path continue to follow the escalation path. In addition, existing notifications that now meet the filtering criteria for the retired path will enter the path (from level 0). However, new notifications that meet the filtering criteria for the retired path are not added to the path.

To retire an existing path and replace it with a modified path:

  1. Copy the enabled path you want to change.


    The copied path will be disabled.

  2. Modify the path you copied.

  3. Enable the new path, but do not apply the changes.

  4. Retire the existing path. “Retiring an escalation path” on page 173 includes information for retiring an escalation path.

  5. Click Apply to simultaneously enable the new path and retire the original path. Notifications on the retired path continue to escalate while any new notifications are handled by the new path.

  6. Remove the retired path when all notifications escalate through the entire path.

    The new path only processes notifications that are notified after the enable time of the path. The existing path, because it is retired, processes any notifications with a notify time less than the time that the path was retired.