When raw events are delivered to VMware Smart Assurance NOTIF, VMware Smart Assurance NOTIF finds the best match between a raw event and an ECI in its repository to handle that event. A best match is determined by first looking for an ECI that matches eventBaseID_eventSubID1_eventSubID2 (in SNMP, these fields are referenced as enterprise, generic, and specific fields). If the original event is not matched by an exact name for these parameters, wildcard evaluations are performed in order from right to left.

Examples of how VMware Smart Assurance NOTIF matches raw events to ECI objects are:

Defined ECIs


  2. ECI-ABC.123.XYZ_TEST_*

  3. ECI-ABC.123.*_TEST_*

  4. ECI-ABC.*_*_*

  5. ECI-ABC.*_*

  6. ECI-ABC.*

Raw event


ECI processing


Uses ECI 1 — Exact match for all three eventBaseID_eventSub1ID_eventSub2ID fields


Uses ECI 2


Uses ECI 3


Uses ECI 4


Uses ECI 5 — Does not match ECI 4 since the eventSub2ID field is null


Uses ECI 6 — Does not match ECI 4 or ECI 5 since the eventSub1ID and eventSub2ID fields are null