EventConfigInfo objects (ECIs) are the configuration objects that instruct VMware Smart Assurance NOTIF how to handle incoming raw events. When a raw event arrives, the best matching ECI is identified and that is used to determine if a notification should be created, and if so, the instanceName and eventName to be associated with the notification.

ECI objects are named based upon a tree structure from the most generic to the most specific field, in the form of eventBaseID_eventSubID1_eventSubID2. An example would be:


SNMP defines ECI objects as Enterprise_Generic_Specific. Examples of how these names relate to events are given in the following section. ECI naming convention rules describes the ECI naming rules.

Table 1. ECI naming convention rules

eventBaseID naming rules

  • May be any number of dot-separated fields, the last of which may be *

eventSub1ID and eventSub2ID naming rules

  • May be explicit, *, or null

  • If eventSub2ID is explicit or *, eventSub1ID must be explicit or *

  • eventSub1ID may exist with eventSub2ID null