The Aggregates tab appears if the selected notification is an aggregate. This tab enables you to examine the component notifications of an aggregate.

An aggregate is a notification that consists of one or more component notifications.

The tab displays the components of the aggregate, their class, object names, and the Manager (source). If a notification has multiple sources, one Aggregates tab appears for each source. To sort the table of information, click one of the column headings.

In the tab, a component notification is colored:

  • According to its severity if it is active.

  • White with black text if it is inactive.

  • Gray text if it is unmonitored or suspended.

    For more information about a component notification, you can double-click it to display the Notification Properties dialog box. Or, right-click it and select Browse or Show Map to display a Topology Browser or a Map Console, respectively.


    Client and server tools can be invoked from notifications displayed in the Notification Properties Aggregates tab.