The Details tab displays the Manager (source), the object’s attributes and their corresponding values relevant to the event. If a notification has multiple sources, one Detail tab appears for each source.

The tab presents information in one of three formats:

  • A table of attributes and values

  • A table of thresholds and their related attributes and values

  • A sum or total value with a table of other attributes compared against a threshold value

    A gray line may appear in place of an attribute value in either the Details tab of the Notification Properties view or the Attribute tab in the Topology Browser.

    If a gray line appears in place of an attribute value, the value cannot be obtained by Service Assurance because:

  • It is unnecessary for the underlying Manager to poll the attribute value of an external device at this time. To minimize network overhead, the Manager polls only those values it needs to analyze your devices.

  • The underlying Manager has encountered an error while polling the attribute value of an external device. For example, the device might be down, or it might be up but inaccessible due to network problems. In this case, you receive a notification of the critical problem, but the value remains unavailable.