In the Map Console, certain menu options are provided as toolbar buttons. They are summarized in Table 7 on page 34.

Table 1. Map Console toolbar buttons



Opens a Notification Log Console.

Displays the Select Context(s) To Listen To dialog box for configuring context sharing.

Opens a browser for reporting. The VMware Smart Assurance Report Manager User Guide includes additional information.

Displays circular layout of a map. This is the default layout for all maps except for Business Services maps.



Displays hierarchical layout of a map. This is the default layout for Business Services maps.

Displays orthogonal layout of a map.

Allows manual layout of a map, leaving nodes where you place them (important when you place nodes on a custom map background such as a geographic map).

For Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN map, displays layout based on internal logic.

Fits the map to the size of the right panel.

Zoom out, shrink map.

Zoom in, magnify map.

Opens the Overview window.

Shows previous map.

Shows next map.

Expands selected node or element. A plus sign next to a node indicates that the node or element can be expanded.

Changes the color of map objects. Only objects experiencing root-cause events are colored.