The Notification Log Console is designed specifically for viewing notifications. It consists of one view, the Notification Log view. Figure 1 on page 23 illustrates one example of a Notification Log Console for an administrator. Your Notification Log Console may look slightly different.

“Notification Log menus and shortcut menusâ€� on page 24 summarizes menu options for the Notification Log Console. “Notification Log Console toolbar buttonsâ€� on page 27 summarizes toolbar buttons.

The notification list configured by your administrator is included in the title of the Notification Log view. For example, the title "Notification Log - Default" identifies a notification list named Default.

The Manager menu lists attached Global Managers. You can view notifications for a different attached Global Manager by selecting it from the menu. Domain Managers are not listed in the menu.

The notification legend and icons in the Severity column provide the color indicators that reflect the notifications’ severity.

You can also customize the Notification Log view with a filter. The filter enables you to select attributes and specify wildcard characters to control which notifications appear in the view.

Figure 1 on page 23 provides an example of a Notification Log Console for an administrator.

Figure 1. Notification Log Console for an administrator