The Topology Browser Console is designed specifically for viewing the topology of any Manager:

  • For a Global Manager, the Topology Browser presents an abstracted topology.

  • For a Domain Manager, the Topology Browser presents a complete topology.

    It also displays detailed topology if a selected topology element has an underlying topology source. It consists of one view, the Topology Browser view. Figure 3 on page 36 illustrates an example of a Topology Browser Console.

    In the left panel, you can select a Manager from the Manager menu to see the topology for that manager. You can expand each object in the topology tree and see its contents.

    If multiple Managers are attached, the console displays the Managers one at a time, classes, instances of each class, and their relationships. For each object you select, a corresponding property sheet with one or more tabs is displayed in the right panel:

  • For a Manager, the Modules and Threads tabs provide information about models, programs, and process threads.

  • For classes, the Description and Attributes tabs describe the class and its attributes.

  • For elements (instances):

    • Attributes tab lists the attribute names, data types, values, and descriptions of the attributes.

    • Groups tab displays groups if the instance belongs to any groups.

    • Global Manager only, the Events tab displays notifications if they are generated.

      In the Topology Browser Console, the menu options and toolbar buttons are the same as those in the Notification Log Console, except that the following do not exist for the Topology Browser Console. Table 2 on page 24 and Table 4 on page 27 provide information on Notification Log menus and their options and Notification Log Console toolbar buttons, respectively:

  • Event and Log menus

  • View menu options: Save as Viewlet and Listen to Context

    “Topology Browser shortcut menusâ€� on page 37 summarizes shortcut menu options.

    Figure 3 on page 36 illustrates a typical Topology Browser Console. In the left panel, the tree displays an instance of a probe,, and the right panel displays the Attributes tab for the probe.

    Figure 1. Topology Browser Console