The command to run the HyperNotifStatistics tool:

#dmctl  -s <server name> invoke ICS_NLManager::ICS-NLManager reportHyperNotifStats

Sample output

SA-9.0_NL-Driver-HyperNotif     [1 worker(s)]
Current Size 0 , max 0; processed entries 0
SM_ProtocolEngine-1 19527 SA    [1 worker(s)]
Current Size 0 , max 27; processed entries 32
SM_ProtocolEngine-4 3340 IC Console - V9.1.0.0  [0 worker(s)]
Current Size 0 , max 26; processed entries 29

In the output:

  • SA-9.0_NL-Driver-HyperNotif — Indicates the name of the thread along with the number of workers, which is the number of threads in the process.

  • Current size — Indicates the current size of the queue.

  • Max — Indicates the maximum size of the queue, at any point in time. This is a historical data.

  • Processed entries — Indicates the total number of entries processed.


    The HyperNotif Connections are cleaned up only after 45 minutes of inactivity. Therefore, the stale connections will be reported for that duration. For example, if a Service Assurance Manager Console is detached, or if a Console is closed, and the command is run, then the output will still show the stale connections.