Service Assurance generates the following five levels of severity for notifications:

  • Critical

  • Major

  • Minor

  • Unknown

  • Normal

    Each level has an associated severity icon, a unique color-coded icon. Notifications and console display summarizes severity and how severity appears in the Notification Log Console.


    The notification list configured by your administrator determines which notifications appear in your console. If the notification list does not include an event, notifications for the event will not appear in your console. If your Notification Log Console does not accurately reflect observed conditions, contact your administrator.

Table 1. Notifications and console display

Severity level


Severity icon

Critical (red)

Severity 1

A critical notification identifies a fatal condition. It requires immediate attention.

When you receive multiple critical notifications, it means that Service Assurance has determined several independent fatal conditions.

Major (orange)

Severity 2

This represents a serious condition. It requires immediate attention.

Minor (yellow)

Severity 3

This represents an abnormal condition. Action is required but the condition is not serious.

Unknown (blue)

Severity 4

This represents elements and/or events that are in an unknown state because of network or management connectivity failures. It requires investigation.

Normal (green)

Severity 5

This represents a normal state and is usually displayed when an event is informational.

Other indicators


Color of item


This indicates that the state cleared (changed to INACTIVE) and notification turns transparent.

White with black text


Clicking on a notification selects it.

Black border surrounding notification

Unmonitored or suspended

In the Notification Properties view, this indicates an event is unmonitored or suspended.

Gray text

When an event’s state changes from ACTIVE (notified) to INACTIVE (cleared), the notification turns transparent (white). An inactive state means that the event is no longer occurring. If an event recurs, the Global Manager sends another notification, the state of the event returns to active, and the event counter is incremented.