To navigate between multiple maps, the Map Console provides several navigation methods:

  • The map tree — Select an element in the map tree to display the default type of map. Or, you can select an element in the tree, right-click, and select another type of map from the shortcut menu.

  • A node in a map — Right-click a node in an existing map and select another map type from the submenu.

  • A history field list box — Lists the current map (instance and map type) and other recently viewed maps. To re-display a map, select it from the history field list box located in the top border of the Map Console.

  • Previous and Next toolbar buttons — Enables you to move quickly between maps.

  • Multiple window of maps — Opens additional window to concurrently display maps of your selected node. To do so, right-click a selected node in a map, select Map Window, and choose a map type.