This section describes alternative methods for accessing individual maps and how to navigate among maps.

In addition to the different methods for opening available consoles (Chapter 2, “Starting a Session,”), you can access a map using the Show Map option from any existing console. Show Map functionality opens the Map Console and displays the default map for the selected element. Show Map is available as a button in some secondary window and dialog boxes or as a menu option for selected notifications. For example:

  • The Show Map button appears in the Find Instance and Find System dialog boxes. (The button is activated when you select a row in the table.)

  • The Show Map option appears in the Event menu or the shortcut menu if you right-click on a selected notification.

  • Use the Show Map button on the toolbar to display a default type of map for a selected summary. Show Map is enabled if a topological filter is specified for the summary. “Filtering summaries” on page 108 contains additional information.


    If the Map Console is open, these options display the selected map in the currently open Map Console. A second Map Console does not open.