Operators usually address the notifications based upon their severity and perform exploratory or corrective actions. “Taking action” on page 122 includes a list of actions.

One of the actions that an operator can take is acknowledgement. After an operator completes corrective actions or determines that notifications do not require attention, an operator can acknowledge active and inactive notifications. Acknowledgement informs fellow operators that they can ignore the specific notification. When an operator acknowledges a notification, the notification ownership (Owner field) is changed to the operator who acknowledged the notification and the value Yes displays in the Acknowledged field.

Inactive notifications can also be automatically acknowledged by the Global Manager. When the Global Manager acknowledges an inactive notification, the notification ownership is changed to SYSTEM.


Acknowledgement does not change a notification’s state unless the notification attribute ClearOnAcknowledge is set to True for a specific notification. “Methods to clear active notifications” on page 118 includes information about the ClearOnAcknowledge attribute.