The system archives inactive notifications if:

  • They have been acknowledged.

  • The time interval set for the InactiveAutoArchiveIntervalArchival parameter has passed. The parameter is specified in the Service Assurance configuration file, ics-default.xml file.

    Related audit logs are also archived. Unacknowledged notifications cannot be archived. “Configuration parameters related to notifications” on page 121 includes information about archival parameters.

    Archived notifications are removed from the Global Manager’s memory-resident database and are written to an archive file. The notification archive file is named global_manager.archive and located in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/logs directory.

    After a notification is archived, the Global Manager treats a recurrence of that notification as though it were a first occurrence. The values of notification attributes start all over again: new First Notify time, Count starts at 1, and so on.