The tools Mail and Pager are available in the Notification Log Console.

To invoke either tool:

  1. Right-click a selected notification in the Notification Log Console. (To include multiple notifications in your message, press the Ctrl key while making your selections.)

    You can right-click the selection regardless of its state (active or inactive): A cleared problem can be as important as a problem that has occurred.

  2. Select Mail or Page in the shortcut menu.

    This displays the Mail Action or Pager Action dialog box.

  3. In the dialog box, fill in the fields. The Mail Action and Pager Action dialog boxes are the same, except for the Mail Subject field and the resulting action.

    The dialog box fields are:

    • Manager — Is the Manager for the recipients listed in the To field. If you are attached to multiple Managers, select one.

      • To — Designates a recipient for the action. You must select a recipient. If you need to send an action to someone who is not listed, click Configuration to display the Recipients Editor dialog box and add the person to the list.

      • Subject — Identifies the subject of the email message. You can change it if you wish.

      • Message — Is the body of the email or pager message. The message text includes the event and related notification attributes. This is not always enough information, however, for the person receiving the message. You may wish to add a brief note that provides more information about the event.

  4. Select the recipient.

    If you open a Mail or Pager Action dialog box and the To section does not initially list recipients, you need to create a distribution list of recipients. “Preparing a distribution list” on page 138 includes instructions.

  5. Click OK to apply your changes and send the email or pager message.


    The mail action uses the industry-standard SMTP for email. In the Recipients Editor dialog box, you need to verify the values in the Mail server and Sender email address section that define the values for the mail services running at your site.The pager action requires a shell script, provided by your systems administrator, to access the pager software. Your administrator needs to create a script named in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/actions directory.