The configuration file of each adapter contains the name of the VMware Smart Assurance Manager to which it connects. This value in the configuration file can be overridden by using the --server option with the sm_notify command.

In cases where an adapter cannot connect, check that the --server option, if used, points to a valid VMware Smart Assurance Manager. If that is not the issue, check that the appropriate VMware Smart Assurance Manager is specified in the adapter’s configuration file.

Adapters andVMware Smart Assurance Manager parameters lists the configuration file and parameter to check for each adapter.

Table 1. Adapters and VMware Smart Assurance Manager parameters


Location and name (relative to <BASEDIR>/smarts/conf)

VMware Smart Assurance Manager


Email Notifier Adapter



Log File Notifier Adapter



SNMP Trap Notifier Adapter



Script Notifier Adapter