Web Console debugging parameters defines the parameters used to capture information when a Web Console stops responding.

Table 1. Web Console debugging parameters



-Xmx350m -Dsun.net.inetaddr.ttl=0

This parameter gets around the broker failover cache problem.


This parameter logs all the asynchronous messages that the server sends to the console, primarily, notification adds/changes/deletes.


This parameter saves the VMware Smart Assurance Java Message Log content. This content is lost when the console stops responding. This log file must be copied and saved before restarting the Web Console. Content included in this log file could provide information on why the console stopped responding.

Restarting the Web Console overwrites this file.


This parameter results in maximum information being entered in the Java Message Log.

Heap size

VMware has tested a heap size of 350 M


The parameters are configured in the Java Plug-in Control Panel.