Typically, you will perform an initial full discovery in trial learning mode to create a number of initial full topology splits, then compare the initial splits and choose the one that best matches your criteria. But if for some reason you want to create just one initial full topology split, you can use the following procedure to do so.

To perform an initial full discovery with full topology split in normal mode:

  1. Configure the Topology Split Manager as follows:

    • Enable topology split

      Set the NumberOfDomains configuration parameter to the number of domains that are specified in the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/discovery/topo-split/ topo-split.conf file. That number must be greater than 1.

      • Select normal mode

        Ensure that the IsTrialLearningEnabled, IsTopoSyncEnabled, and IsTSMHookEnabled configuration parameters are FALSE, to operate in normal mode and to disable automatic topology synchronization and the TSM hook script.

      • Select full topology split

        Set the IsSplitFromScratch configuration parameter to TRUE.

  2. Create a seed file to seed the Topology Split Manager topology.

    The Topology Split Manager uses the hostnames or IP addresses of the seed devices that are specified in the seed file to discover the devices in the managed IP network. The seed file resides in the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf directory. The VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager User Guide includes the procedure for creating seed files.

  3. Import the seed file and initiate a full discovery with full topology split.

    Initiating a discovery on page 81 describes various methods to import a seed file and initiate a discovery. One method is to go to the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory and enter the following command:

                   sm_tpmgr -s <TSM name> --seed=<seed file name>
  4. Use the new seed files to verify the split quality: Count and verify statistics such as the number of devices in each domain and the number of NetworkAdapters (managed/unmanaged) in each domain, to ensure that no IP Availability Manager will be overburdened.

  5. If the results do not fall into your predefined parameters of performance tolerances, set IsSplitFromScratch to TRUE. Then go to the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory and enter the following command to run another full topology split:

                   dmctl -s <TSM name> invoke GA_Driver::TopoSplit-Driver start

    After accepting a topology split, perform the procedure in “Initiating an incremental topology split” on page 84 to automatically distribute the topology to the IP Availability Managers.