The Topology Split Manager discovers and builds a data model of the devices in the managed IP network. The model represents the devices objects, their relationships, their internal components, and their logical connections.

The Topology Split Manager also builds a data model of special topology-split objects in order to split the discovered objects across multiple domains. That data model, shown in Topology-split data model, is the focus of this discussion.

Figure 1. Topology-split data model

The topology-split objects in the data model are represented as instances of the following VMware Smart Assurance classes:

  • TopoSplit_Domain

  • TopoSplit_InChargeDomain

  • TopoSplit_Node

  • TopoSplit_Link

  • TopoSplit_SuperLink

    TopoSplit_Domain and TopoSplit_InChargeDomain are sibling classes, and TopoSplit_Node and TopoSplit_Link are sibling classes. TopoSplit_SuperLink is a subclass of TopoSplit_Link.

    The TopoSplit_Manager class, not shown in Topology-split data model, manages the TopoSplit_InChargeDomain objects. It is a singleton class (the instance is TopoSplit_Manager::TopoSplit-Manager) and has attributes for configuring various aspects of the topology split.

    The VMware Smart Assurance ICIM Reference provides descriptions of VMware Smart Assurance classes, relationships, connections, and hierarchies.