Configuring the Topology Split Manager consists of the following tasks:

  • Copy the discovery configurations from one of the IP Availability Manager installations to the Topology Split Manager installation, and then modify certain discovery configurations in order to improve and streamline Topology Split Manager discovery. The discovery configurations are listed in GUID-C021C52B-F837-43A8-81F3-810CE9C1FBD6.html#GUID-C021C52B-F837-43A8-81F3-810CE9C1FBD6___TOPO_SPLIT_CONFIGURE_35182.

  • Optional: Enable autodiscovery.

  • Enable and customize topology split.

    Procedures for configuring all aspects of IP Manager discovery are given in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager User Guide and the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Reference Guide.

    Procedures for improving Topology Split Manager discovery and configuring topology split are given in this chapter.