Integration with Business Impact Manager is optional and it is not enabled by default. To include Business Impact Manager versions 7.2 and 8.0 in the VoIP Availability Manager deployment, perform:

  • Steps 1-4 for version 7.2.

  • Steps 1-8 for version 8.0.

    The steps are:

    1. For VoIP Availability Manager, enable the BIM feature. Use sm_edit to open the voip.conf file. Uncomment the line (remove the # character for) for the EnableBIMIntegration parameter to set the parameter to TRUE, then save the file. “Description of voip.conf” on page 31 lists all available parameters.

    2. Optional, create customized scripts as described in “Additional VoIP BIM customizations” on page 69.

    3. Restart VoIP Availability Manager.

    4. For IP Availability Manager, invoke a full discovery using the Domain Manager Administration Console (Select the Discover All option) which, in turn, starts a VoIP Availability Manager discovery. The BIM objects are instantiated as a result of the discovery.

      If you are using Service Assurance Manager 7.2, stop here.

    5. Enable Business Impact Manager as an underlying domain for the Global Manager using the Global Manager Administration Console.

    6. Modify the dxa-sam-from-voip.conf file located in the /conf/ics directory of the Service Assurance Manager. Enable the invokeBIMSync TRUE line by uncommenting the line (removing the # character).

    7. Restart the Global Manager or restart the Global Manager and the Business Impact Manager depending on the version of your Service Assurance Manager. The Global Manager synchronizes the BIM topology.