You can create customized scripts based on your definition of IP phone groups. VoIP Availability Manager provides a sample script, voip-bim-iphonegroup.asl, which you can use to create scripts. The sample is located in the BASEDIR/rules/voip/bim directory.

If you create additional scripts, name them using the naming convention "voip-bim-<filename>.asl" and save them in the BASEDIR/rules/voip/bim directory. The VoIP Availability Manager BIM postprocessor executes all ASL scripts with the naming convention "voip-bim-<filename>.asl" located under BASEDIR/rules/voip/bim directory.

The sample voip-bim-iphonegroup.asl script creates BIM objects and associates them with VoIP topological instances. Here are some objects that the script creates:

  • Each IPPhoneGroup as defined by the administrator represents a complete location or ServiceOffering. This makes it possible to view the locations or ServiceOfferings in Business Service Maps.

  • Each IPPhoneGroup ServiceOffering contains

    • IPPhoneGroup

    • Hardware entities associated with the IP phones in the IPPhoneGroup (for example, switches)

    • IPPhoneGroup LayeredOver object (for example, CallManager, SignalingService, etc.)

      The sample voip-bim-iphonegroup.asl script provides additional instructions for creating custom scripts.